Posted by byHillTribe on May 5, 2012

Where to cast jewelry and custom logos, part 2


Casting the master is near completion. We were able to fit in this work order amongst the many buttons, and Buddhas we were already manufacturing. This master was a duplicate of the original carved wax piece from our original post titled “Where to cast jewelry and custom logos” where are artisan spent an entire afternoon sketching and carving the design out onto a wax board into 3 dimensional master master wax. Once completed to our satisfaction, the master wax is submerged into casting cement where is it will get baked inside an oven over night. The wax mold then melts inside the casting cement leaving an imprint of exactly what the wax master piece was. After which liquid metal is injected into the casting cement and fills the empty imprints.

The outcome looks like so.

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