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Top selling hill tribe silver beads


Over the last year, some customers have asked us for input on the best selling hill tribe silver designs from our catalog. We’ve done well at answering these requests but after many response to the same question, we sense a more useful method would be to blog about it. This way, we can direct everyone to the answer and have image ready for you to review as well. We hope you find this list useful but please, please keep this in perspective as your location is a big factor in what will be a good seller or a dud. Below is are thumbnail images of the many items that have been the best selling designs from our catalog. We assess this list by calculating how many Kilograms we have sold of each product from January 2011 through March of 2012. All items on this list has been the hill tribe silver items that we consider our honey pot which we’ve managed to sell 500 grams or more during this period.

Considering to quantity we want to put on this list, we will have to break it down in categories. Below is our Hill Tribe Silver Beads. Click on the image will reveal the item number. Please visit to review product description and price.


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