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Copper Beads by

Oh how wonderful it is when things are going right in the manufacturing part of our business. Our Karen hill tribe artisans couldn’t have been “more on the ball” these recent months. We’re still adjusting with soldering copper pieces as our artisans have been used to working with only silver for so long. Recent months, we bee testing new ground with other metals like copper and bronze but results are just not as pleasing as have a beautiful batch of silver beads delivered. None the less, we are very pleased with how hard they’ve have been working to get this completed with so much care and diligence. The last year has taken a toll on everyone and morale has been on a lubricated slide of as late. But since the Thai New Year, we have rededicated ourselves to do better and serve our customer with more attention. Motivating our artisans to come back and “JUST DO IT” was not an easy thing but we’ve notice big changes in attitudes and results in our products within the last 2 months. Thank you Jesus!

Today we receive a big delivery of GOODIES; copper beads, copper charms and hammered copper toggles and findings along with several kilograms of silver toggles and findings for our beloved customer in Canada. We won’t take pictures of those as they belong to her– meaning the silver designs are her own custom designs so we will leave those out of this blog but we are so happy and feel our Karen silversmiths are back! These are the group of folks we fell in love with before whom have been on the roller coaster with us since the first day. Yes, it seem we all fell in a dark pit of what felt like the pit of no return but now we taken on a new vow and told ourselves that no matter what the market says– we are going to chug along and give our customers the best product and with the quickest turnaround possible. Like we have done in the past when business was as smooth as a swan in a pond.

The result is great. Now we know who’s really watching over us and carefully motivating and guiding these the hard times.

Custom copper jewelry is created by our affiliate The Asia Charisma Team. Please feel free to visit and learn more about our hill tribe artisans and our work by clicking on the title link above.

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Casting silver daisy flower pendant logo, Part 2


We’re making headway with this logo and want to make sure we keep this blog updated for everyone interested. Our customer decided to change how her initials look on the daisy flower pendant. Here’s what we’ve revised the design to be.

Three letters on 3 different petals. We have yet to agree on the font and size of the flower so this will be the next step. Slow progress but this is crucial as making a master can be costly if the design is not right from the start. We leave it to our customers to decide on how the item should look and feel since we are quite confident the outcome will be good!

We’re looking forward to hearing back from her soon.