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Pricing Structures : Hill Tribe Silver


Pricing Structures : Hill Tribe Silver, by one creative Thai Karen village.

We want to supply our hill tribe silver products at the lowest price possible while maintaining quality and profitability. Our artisans work very hard to provide us with all of these creative Karen silver designs. Some items are supplied to us from our affiliate showrooms and some are our very own byHillTribe designs supplied to us directly from Phrabhat Huaythom Karen Village through the Karen silversmiths that work directly with us. We take this into account when pricing our products. All designs we commission our Karen silversmiths to do for us, we pay a labor cost of minimum 2000 Baht per Kilogram (approximately $70 USD) for their diligent work. Believe us– that’s a lot more than even the registered “Fair Trade” companies pay!

We often get emails from our regular customers about our competitors offering bigger discounts and free shipping. Yes, we agree the big discounts does sound very good! But please realize that anyone can offer a 60% discount if their market is already 300%. Of all the hill tribe silver suppliers online today, we feel that we are the most transparent about our pricing structure. Here below you will see exactly how much our silver price is calculate at Retail and Discounted Price. More importantly, on every product page you will also see what each silver bead or charm weigh. We don’t leave out any information so that you may do your own calculations and compare with other sites. If you don’t know the weight of the product, you’re loosing out on a better deal! Please ask if you think we can offer you a better price for our products. It is our mission to serve both our customers and our hill tribe silversmiths with honesty and loyalty.

handmade silver earring spiraling sun rays

It truly isn’t fair to our hill tribe silversmiths to markup Retail price so high and boast big discounts. Customers will eventually think hill tribe silver is too expensive– it shouldn’t be that way! Everyone in the jewelry business should know what market value of silver, gold, platinum or even copper costs. When making a purchase, especially as a business, you should always consider these factors. For silver, we will tell these are the factors in pricing our hill tribe silver products.

    1. Stock market price
    2. Tax on silver granules as imported into Thailand.
    3. Cost of silver granules plus VAT on purchasing silver granules to be manufactured.
    4. Labor cost and manufacturing cost.
    5. Finished product markup of 40% up to 60% for Retail.

With such a low markup, we can’t offer free shipping and we can’t offer big discounts like many other site. Our initial cost is so much lower than theirs already. What we can do better is work more closely with you, our valued customers. If you need a better price, all you have to do is ask! If we can do it– we will.

God bless and please stay in touch!

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400 grams of silver in a tonne of ore


Critical Factors that will Impact Silver.

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Some big changes in the silver and gold mining industry– output dropped nearly 20 percent in 2011. So what’s to come in 2012? It looks like our future in the hands of commodities traders and speculators…

Excerpt: “In order to kill market sentiment, one raid is not enough… several over a period of time are necessary. The last large raid took place on Feb 29th, 2012, when a year’s supply of silver production (paper contracts) was dumped on the market in a single day. The beauty of this tactic is that the manipulators don’t need to do the majority of selling. Once a large amount of contracts are dumped on the market, the algorithms take over and do most of the damage – just like knocking down the first domino and watching the rest follow.”

Reading more and more about commodities trading, particularly silver and gold, makes me want to cry some times. Yes, I’m in the business of making silver jewelry, therefore seeing brokers and traders throwing paper and contract around, pushing prices and or down every day just make my stomach churn. Silver price going up also mean there’s downward pressure on the US Dollar in which case it’s a double whammy for manufacturers like us. It’s not we mind silver price increases but 10% in any given day wreaks foul play and is not fair to businesses like ours. Not that anyone affiliated to Wall Street even cares what we think…

Read the article and let us know what you think.