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Top selling hill tribe silver beads


Over the last year, some customers have asked us for input on the best selling hill tribe silver designs from our catalog. We’ve done well at answering these requests but after many response to the same question, we sense a more useful method would be to blog about it. This way, we can direct everyone to the answer and have image ready for you to review as well. We hope you find this list useful but please, please keep this in perspective as your location is a big factor in what will be a good seller or a dud. Below is are thumbnail images of the many items that have been the best selling designs from our catalog. We assess this list by calculating how many Kilograms we have sold of each product from January 2011 through March of 2012. All items on this list has been the hill tribe silver items that we consider our honey pot which we’ve managed to sell 500 grams or more during this period.

Considering to quantity we want to put on this list, we will have to break it down in categories. Below is our Hill Tribe Silver Beads. Click on the image will reveal the item number. Please visit to review product description and price.

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pricing structure changes for hill tribe silver


Pricing Structures : Hill Tribe Silver, by one creative Thai Karen village.

We are pleased a new pricing structuring system has been introduced at as this was truly needed. Our customer need more distinguishable pricing system. With so much volatility in our silver manufacturing business, we want to offer our sincerest service to our customers. We are have been over concerned about how we can survive to turbulence in such economic problem and have nearly forgotten the fundamentals of why we even exist as a business. It’s the customer. It always has been the customers that have the foundation of what our business is about. The jewelry designers, the retail businesses and the wholesalers. With price being going up and then down and then up– who knows what is next. But the point of the matter is, our customers have been through this roller coaster ride with us from the very beginning. We must take care of them as without their survival, where will we be in a few months time.
It is our privilege to work with some of the best jewelry designers in the business of jewelry designing. What we need to know now is how best to serve you. You need different styles? Do you need different designs or more of the same in lighter weight? What is selling for you as a retailer? Can we work together to develop something to meet your local demand for certain products? If so, how? Please let us know. We are open to your ideas and want to hear your thoughts.

Where is silver price headed? When should we invest and buy silver? We don’t know as it seems beyond us. We’ve tried but don’t think it’s worth our effort and energy to try to predict the market when it compromises our relationship with the people who feed us– you the customer. If you know the answers, we want in! LOL

We love our customers and want to do what ever possible to take care of their needs. This is a major milestone for our little company. If you have any thoughts or comments, please let us know. And please do come and visit us at

Comments are always welcomed! Have a good day. God bless.