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How hill tribe silver is used to make beautiful personal jewelry


Handmade Jewelry: New Thai Hill Tribe silver pendant necklaces!.

It’s wonderful seeing some of our beautiful Karen hill tribe silver used in designs around the globe. This particular blog contains jewelry made by a loyal customer from Sacred Earth Jewelry. We want to give her support for her good work– Thank you so much for your support. We want to leave her name out as she is not aware we are blogging about her work. Please feel free to see some of her design and give her some support by clicking on the title link above or here: Handmade Jewelry: New Thai Hill Tribe silver

Seeing our customer’s creative handy work make us want to do more. We know the market is down right now and this is true not only for us but also for all of our customers. We know because you are ordering much, much less than before. Sales are down for everyone but this is no excuse for us to stop thinking of how we can continue to help you, our customers and the backbone of our business, the hill tribe artisans. We’ve worked with the Karen hill tribe at Na Sai village for nearly 10 years and just recently went on a trip to show our support and check in since it has been nearly a year since our last visit. What we saw reaffirms our notion that many silversmiths have now moved on to concentrate on their farms and plantations. The younger adults, particularly men have moved into bigger cities to find jobs to earn income for their family. During the big silver rush, many Karens were deceived by the constant workload that came about and sold property and plantations. These families are now struggling to get by as silversmithing is now a small portion of the income flow at Na Sai Karen Hill Tribe Village. It is a sad story we too did not expect to write about. More on this very soon as this blog is dedicated to Sacred Earth Jewelry and we want to keep like so.

Thank you for all your support Sacred Earth. We wish you all the best with your inspiring jewelry designs and hope to continue being your hill tribe silver supplier for many year to come. God bless!

Sacred Earth Jewelry utilizes gemstones and hill tribe silver

Handmade Jewelry: New Thai Hill Tribe silver pendant necklaces!


We've added Thai Hill Tribe pendant necklaces to our site. Thai Hill Tribe silver is almost pure silver – up to 99% silver and is thus considered fine silver. (Sterling is 92.5% silver.) It is hand made by silversmiths in the hills of

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