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Custom Jewelry Designs Jewelry Casting Manufacturer, Thailand


Custom Silver Jewelry Designs Manufacturer, Thailand.

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There are so many talented jewelry designers and creative jewelry artists around the world. I’ve seen so many sensational creative designs all over the internet; eBay, Etsy and personal jewelry sites. While so many of these jewelry design I find impressive but there seem to be a common error amongst the greatest of designer’s creation– NO BRANDING. If I had this special talent and spent so much time and effort creating this awesome piece of jewelry that would make any person look astonishing wearing it, the first thing that I want to do is make sure that piece of jewelry is tagged with my signature or Logo. It’s an art piece! It’s something I created and I want everyone in the world to know about. That’s every artist’s dream! That’s how all these big names we know all so well got so well known. Personally, I find the independent jewelry artist come up with much more fascinating designs than the biggest name in jewelry– Tiffany and Co.

Yes, I know. That’s Tiffany and Co. I’m referring to and they are the best of the best. Come on! You’re paying 30% more for their product just because it’s their brand! You know it’s the truth. I take up the challenge from anyone to prove me wrong. There are thousands of independent jewelry designers around the globe with so much more talent and create so much beautiful pieces than what I’ve found at the big store. Maybe it’s just my taste and mentality to support the artist and not the big companies but this is truth.

I don’t to say Tiffany and Co. makes junk because that’s not true. They make great jewelry! The fact of the matter is you’re not just paying for content– you’re also paying for the brand. It’s the same in virtually anything sold in the world today. BRANDing increases value of any product and it makes the consumer more comfortable in what they are buying.

I don’t believe in overcharging anyone and I don’t believe that a manufacturer should take advantage of the consumer just because they can. If truth set you free then fairness must give you honor and honor will give you loyalty. Imagine that! Loyal customers you will adore for years and years.

There are many jewelry casting companies around the world that do a wonderful job so the question is what are you looking for? Can you afford their minimum requirements or are you struggling with your jewelry business and can’t afford to pay out a thousand dollars just to make silver jewelry logos for your design? This sounds familiar. Well, there’s really nothing for free in this world but if you are struggling to make ends meet with your product– I feel you. I am too! But I’m still sticking to my guns about product branding. It’s just too important to overlook.

If you are a designer or a company you need this– a Company Logo on your door is required just as you need a Logo on your piece of jewelry. Whoever is wearing your creation will be receiving compliments from his or her friends about that piece of art you created. What will she have to say about a piece of jewelry if she forgot where she bought it or who made it for her? Enough said about Branding and Logos. I know you already this stuff and certainly you get my point.

So you don’t have a huge budget for jewelry logos like Tiffany and Co. Then what and where can you have quality jewelry logos done for cheap? My two recommendations are CK Jewelry in Chiang Mai or if you are overseas, contact the team at

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Casting silver daisy flower pendant logo, Part 2


We’re making headway with this logo and want to make sure we keep this blog updated for everyone interested. Our customer decided to change how her initials look on the daisy flower pendant. Here’s what we’ve revised the design to be.

Three letters on 3 different petals. We have yet to agree on the font and size of the flower so this will be the next step. Slow progress but this is crucial as making a master can be costly if the design is not right from the start. We leave it to our customers to decide on how the item should look and feel since we are quite confident the outcome will be good!

We’re looking forward to hearing back from her soon.