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Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, what is sold there?


Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, what is sold there? | Thailand to do.

If you are visiting Chiang Mai for the first time, one place you will certainly here about as a tourist is Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. If you’ll want to know what it is, where it is and what is sold there. Here’s a blog at that describes what The Night Bazaar has to offer.

Please click on title link to read more. Enjoy and God bless!

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Where to cast jewelry and custom logos


We are working on replicating and creating a master for this belt buckle this week. The brass piece on the right of this image is the original. The design looks great but we want to make more durable and slightly heavier. This original is rounded on the front but is flat on the back which seem to create more friction on pant material. We have carved out a wax master design on the left to be used to create our master belt buckle tomorrow.

Everything looks great so far, albeit some difficulties getting things started. The customer is currently in Chiang Mai and would like to complete 1 batch of production before he returns to the US. We pushing to have everything done by the end of this week.

More information on jewelry casting, custom logos and custom jewelry designs, please visit


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Karen hill tribe silversmiths in natural working environment


A short video of Karen hill tribe artisans working in their natural environment– in their own homes.

Silver-By-Hilltribe1.m4v – YouTube.

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CMU agriculture and biotech Fair


The first 10 days in May, Chiang Mai University hosts its Agriculture and Biotech Fair on their Biotech campus at Maehia Canal Road. I love these fairs. It’s fun for everyone– even the kids!

Yes, it’s focus is definitely agriculture and biotechnology but this is a huge campus and can certainly host more than just the agriculture enthusiast and the organizer of this Fair got it right by aiming for everyone in the population. More than a 100 stands of food concession, 100 or more stands for seeds, farms and agricultural companies. After walking around a bit, I sense the biggest hit is the playground of bouncing castles, ferris wheel, electric train and whatever else. Kids just love this stuff!





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