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Top selling hill tribe silver pendants


This is a continuation of our “TOP SELLING HILL TRIBE SILVER PRODUCTS” list. We have created a list (individual blog post) of top selling item by category. The images below are our top selling silver charms and silver pendants. We’ve comprised this list based on it’s popularity with our customers with a minimum criteria of 500 grams sold with from January 2011 through March of 2012. Please do some research in your own area before making purchases of these items. Although we have sold a lot of these items, they were not sold to only 1 person but many customers from every corner of the world. Some items may sell well in Europe and may not sell at all in the US. If you are in the jewelry industry, you should know who your customers are and what they desire from your store. This is just a list to give you an idea of what we’ve sold most in recent months. Please use this list at your own discretion.

Hovering over the thumbnails below should reveal the item number at within our browser. Clicking on the thumbnail will show the larger image of the product. You can find the item number on your browser’s title bar. Please feel free to visit our site at to review it’s product description and current price.

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Casting belt buckle master in brass and rubber mold


Just a few quick notes on how this design came into production. A friend brought this nice looking brass belt buckle to me from a handicraft market in Vietnam. Well no, a friend of his bought it in Vietnam and wore it for years receiving many compliments from his peers until one day he realizes it’s beautiful and should be shared with others. From first impression, this design is far from being a “unique” design as the Anchor logo is well known to everyone. This particular belt buckle though had a feel to it that needed reproduction and modification to meet modern fashion. We’ve put our own ideas and a few twist to it so that it is more durable and practical. You can tell, we are a little excited about the outcome as this is our first casting of a finished product. And we are quite happy with the result.

The gallery below has images from what we were able to photograph during the process. There will be some videos coming later on YouTube. You can keep posted by subscribing to our blog using the field on the sidebar.

Our main objective with casting jewelry is to offer casting of logos, custom jewelry designs, ornaments and decorations that jewelry designers may wish to have duplicated. We’ve found our cost in creating a master rubber mold and master design is very competitive. Depending on your requirements, we can provide master and rubber mold casting for as low as 1500 Baht or approximately $50 USD (May 2012) which includes one Master and one Rubber Mold. Manufacturing and cost of production can be done in precious metals or base metal. Common metals we are regularly using are gold, silver, copper and brass alloy.

We feel this will supplement our hill tribe artisan’s unique handy work with our jewelry business very well. We know many of our customers are jewelry designers that have much appreciation for our Karen hill tribe silver and the Karen hill tribe village. Permitting us to create your custom Logo will tag each piece of creation with your name and connect you to the hill tribe families here in Thailand. It gives us much joy when we see our products displayed so gracefully online, on eBay, Etsy and many others. We sit back and ponder what it would like to meet everyone of you awesome creative designers. It would be such an honor and experience to see creative minds. That’s just a daydream– however. Be that as it may, we feel we can connect with you in other ways.

Our Karen artisans hardly get a chance to see any finished creation of their work but when they do, they are stunned! However, with so much hill tribe silver in circulation due to high demand in 2001 through 2007, the line of distinction has been flatten and overshadowed. We wonder what our hill tribe silversmiths would think if they see a piece of jewelry and know exactly that that bead he’s looking at came from his hands and his hand stamp tools. We can imagine our how wonderful they would feel. The Karens have worked very hard to produce their designs and had a great run during the high season. You’d think they would be burnt out by now knowing how difficult their methods of silver making truly is. Although there are machines involved in stretching, flattening and melting, each design is also hammered, shaped, cut, scrubbed, soldered and polished many times before it is shipped out to any customer. We can understand why so many of our Karen friends become quite attached to their designs– it is their family signature.

We hope to become more personable with our customers. Over the years, many customers have requested custom jewelry casting but being a small business we did not realize it’s importance until now. For this, we sincerely apologize. We want to make it up to our customers. Custom designs jewelry casting is now available. Our artists and craftsmen are talented and will provide with fascinating results. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.


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Making silver logos for


We are so excited to be working with a global organization and helping with their cause. contacted us a few months ago, which at the time we did not expect to make any deals. To our surprise, an email with a substantial order came in this morning from this non-profit organization. There design is as typically Karen hill tribe as you can get. What our silversmiths do better than anyone else is the “hammered” silver design. Yes, hammering silver anyone can do but you can always tell a silver bead is “hill tribe” when you see it on display anywhere around the world.

We won’t post our customers design here but a sample of hammered hill tribe silver design are below. For more hill tribe silver go to