Posted by byHillTribe on May 12, 2012

Casting jewelry logo in silver daisy flower


Part 1.
We are pleased to receive an order from one of our best customers today to complete a jewelry logo with her company initial on a daisy flower. We are at the initial stages of creating a design and thought we should keep a running blog on this project so that it is available for everyone to see what is involved in casting customized jewelry or jewelry logo.

Images below are what we received from Shelley. She is looking for a daisy flower jewelry tag with her company initials engraved into the front. We have yet to received her agreement on what type of Font to use but have made some samples for reference. Once a mock-up of the design is created, our artisan will need to carve a master wax to create the master and master rubber mold. This will take a day or two. Pictures and updates coming soon.


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