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Some Unusual Events You Can Celebrate With Silver Jewelry


Some Unusual Events You Can Celebrate With Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry makes a fantastic gift, particularly at this time of year. Silver pendants  make lovely and thoughtful Christmas gifts. They are also wonderful for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and silver is the traditional metal of christening and confirmation gifts, particularly for little girls. But what other, slightly more unusual, events could you celebrate with a piece of silver jewelry? Here are a few ideas:

Celebrate Coming Out at The Other End of a Dark Tunnel

Many people who have a problem with abusing drugs or alcohol (or even both) will make the difficult decision to attend a rehab facility. Some people think that entering rehab means all their worries are over, but actually it is just the start of a new battle. Going through rehab isn’t easy: Inpatient drug rehabilitation can take anywhere between 30 and 90 days, and some statistics suggest that as many as 30% of patients that attend an inpatient recovery facility won’t even manage to stay for the first week. That’s why a piece of silver jewelry makes such a fantastic way to celebrate your sobriety, and going through the rehab process. Sobriety jewelry is a popular new trend across the country right now, and a great physical reminder of what you’ve achieved. What’s even nicer about choosing a piece of Asia Charisma jewelry for this occasion is that each piece is handcrafted by Karen hill tribe artisans, and that keeping a Karen artisan working will help to keep another Karen from turning to drug trafficking and therefore can break the drugs cycle that ultimately ruins so many lives.

Commemorate Your Divorce

This may seem unusual but there is a new emerging trend of divorcees choosing to celebrate their divorce with a new piece of jewelry. Some people choose to buy a new ring, simply because they don’t want to wear their wedding band or engagement ring any more, but just can’t bear to leave their ring finger bare either. Other people see their divorce as a new beginning and the start of a new life, and want to commemorate that with a new piece of jewelry: something to keep as a keepsake and remind them of their brave decision to end an unhappy marriage or break away from an unfaithful partner. In this circumstance a pendant or necklace would make a wonderful reminder to treasure.

Congratulations for a New Job

Getting a new job is an exciting time of change, and for college graduates gaining their very first job it is an even more special reason to celebrate. People often send cards and small gifts to express their congratulations on gaining a new job: why not make it a reason for jewelry too? An ancient proverb once said that “if nothing in the world ever changed their wouldn’t be butterflies” and as that applies so perfectly to changing your career, a butterfly would make the ideal gift for the special successful job hunter in your life!

Celebrate the Birth of a Baby

When a woman has a baby it is traditional for her husband to give her a gift (more commonly referred to in some countries as a ‘push present’). Jewelry is the obvious choice for this kind of gift, as it is something that can be kept and treasured forever, and Asia Charisma can help you celebrate in a unique and unusual way. Did you know that as well as being assigned a birth stone, each month of the year is also assigned a birth flower? You will find the list of birth flowers below, and the site offers each of these flowers as pendant charms. If you have more than one child you could even construct a charm bracelet and and feature each of your children’s birth flowers on it.  Charm bracelets make fantastic gifts, as you can continue to add more and more additional charms to celebrate any special occasion.

January: Carnation

February: Violet

March : Daffodil

April: Sweet Pea

May: Lily of the Valley

June: Rose

July: Larkspur

August: Poppy

September: Forget-me-not

October: Misty Blue Limonium

November: Chrysanthemum

December: Narcissus