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Silver Price Triple Bottom: What does this mean to us, a small manufacturers using physical silver


Silver Price Triple Bottom :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website.

Excerpt from

    There are 2 big differences between gold and silver which both suggest that silver has truly explosive upside potential from here. One is that silver has suffered a far more serious decline than gold over the past 2 years, with sentiment towards it becoming extraordinarily negative in the recent past, and the other that silver’s COT structure is now at record bullish levels, and far more bullish than that for gold. This is a situation where all it needed was some pivotal fundamental development – and last week we had it – to turn the tide in the other direction.

“Silver has truly explosive upside potential…” This is a common statement in the press lately and from a manufacturer’s point of view, we don’t truly appreciate it. Let’s face it, if you are a farmer and the price of your fertilizer is determined by what the stock market says it’s worth, then you’d likely have less desire an motivation to continue producing crops, right? Certainly you would if the price of that fertilizer goes up 10% this month and fall another 7% the next week then spike again another 15% the middle of the following month… Well, this is exactly how we feel dealing with silver, the US dollar, gas, oil and inflation in Thailand. Wow. There you have it– it’s hard to stay “inspired” and “motivated” when you know there are greedy bankers and traders pumping and manipulating the the stock market. This has happened for years and now “shit has hit the fan” and government has gotten involved with oversight, the public is more aware of what’s going on. Look at the Barclay Bank “interest rate” scandal for example. Why and how is it possible for big banks to get away with mass corruption? More oversight is needed. Yes, please! Watch these greedy people behind their terminals.

Being a small manufacturer of silver jewelry components in partnership with Phrabhat Huyathom Karen Hill Tribe Village, our company use the real physical metals (mainly silver and gold), we are effected by any immediate fluctuation of all the commodities, particular silver, gold, copper and the US Dollar. If price of silver spike or drop substantially, there a ripple in the pond and suddenly we find ourselves without any supply of physical gold or silver to manufacture our designs. Suppliers of silver granule often hold out on the sale for a day or two for the market to stabilize, this happens often when silver price drops quickly. And yes, it has happened all too often these last few years. Does this effect how our business operate, obviously it does. If the ingredient is not available, the cookies can’t be made…

You probably didn’t come here to hear us whining about things we have no control over. In summary, we certainly want to voice our opinion about what’s been going on lately in the markets, Europe, Americas and Asia. Corruption in politics is rife but not any more so than in business– so we’ve found out in recent years. We can’t stop it all but certainly there are ways to tame it. For the immediate solution, we’re vouching for more government oversight however this is likely headed for Doom as governments are subject of ridicule for bending over backwards for businessmen and companies with deep pockets. There’s just no end. Or is there?

What to do, what to do. LOL. We keep positive and keep motivating ourselves by just looking around the issue. Let the corrupt deal with the corrupt. We shall continue our work and trust God will provide the rest. Greed has hold on us all but there’s no point in having more power or money if there’s no satisfaction in anything we’ve done…

The Gold Price and Silver Price Down but Primary Trend is Still


Gold Price Close Today : 1549.70. Change : -27.90 or -1.77% Silver Price Close Today : 2624.70. Change : -69.5 or -2.58% Gold Silver Ratio Today : 59.043. Change : 0.488 or 0.83% Silver Gold Ratio Today : 0.01694

Silver Price Triple Bottom :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets

We are not going to do a "post mortem" here regarding what happened last week, other than to say that silver was on the point of breaking to new lows on Thursday, and would have done had little or nothing been achieved at

Gold Price Triple Bottom :: The Market Oracle :: Financial Markets

The core problem of the European Union, that has led to the major crisis that it now faces is that it is, or has been up to now structurally dysfunctional. When the European Union was created the levels of integration and

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The Real Price of Gold: Story of an oppressed miner


The Real Price of Gold — National Geographic Magazine.

Excerpt from National Geogrpahic

    Like many of his Inca ancestors, Juan Apaza is possessed by gold. Descending into an icy tunnel 17,000 feet up in the Peruvian Andes, the 44-year-old miner stuffs a wad of coca leaves into his mouth to brace himself for the inevitable hunger and fatigue. For 30 days each month Apaza toils, without pay, deep inside this mine dug down under a glacier above the world’s highest town, La Rinconada. For 30 days he faces the dangers that have killed many of his fellow miners—explosives, toxic gases, tunnel collapses—to extract the gold that the world demands. Apaza does all this, without pay, so that he can make it to today, the 31st day, when he and his fellow miners are given a single shift, four hours or maybe a little more, to haul out and keep as much rock as their weary shoulders can bear. Under the ancient lottery system that still prevails in the high Andes, known as the cachorreo, this is what passes for a paycheck: a sack of rocks that may contain a small fortune in gold or, far more often, very little at all.

    Apaza is still waiting for a stroke of luck. “Maybe today will be the big one,” he says, flashing a smile that reveals a single gold tooth. To improve his odds, the miner has already made his “payment to the Earth”: a bottle of pisco, the local liquor, placed near the mouth of the mine; a few coca leaves slipped under a rock; and, several months back, a rooster sacrificed by a shaman on the sacred mountaintop. Now, heading into the tunnel, he mumbles a prayer in his native Quechua language to the deity who rules the mountain and all the gold within.

The history of gold mining has been well-documented for thousands of years. And with the demand for this most precious of metals going nearly as far back as human history, miners have ventured to just about every corner of the planet in their quest to find it. Yet unlike the miners of yore that were commanded by kings, today’s miners are commanded by profits. With price of gold so high, the Human greed is easily manipulated. The poor always dream big, tend to gamble with their hard earned savings and often submit themselves to “freelance oppression.”

Two reasons to dislike Gold:

  • Gold is the currency of drug and weapons traffickers and Dubai is the favorite hub in the global bullion trade.
  • To extract each ounce of gold, it takes two or three ounces of mercury, which fouls waterways after being poured into rivers from the mining sites.

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