Posted by byHillTribe on May 7, 2012

Karen hill tribe silversmiths deliver on Fridays and Mondays


Our Karen friends made a delivery today! We are a little more excited than usual as turn around time has been slow in previous months. This is not due to the fact that our Karen silversmiths are lazy or anything of that sort. It’s because orders are coming at a slower pace and lower volume. Due to lack of work, many Karen hill tribe silversmiths have taken on part time jobs or gone as far as moved onto other things to support their family. A few have even moved from their village in Prabhat Huaythom to take on construction work in bigger cities like Lamphun, Chiang Mai and Bangkok. It breaks our heart to see everyone being disappointed by our own high expectations. When orders come in and our artisans pick their phone and agree to come back to work– we are extremely pleased. We are even more pleased to see the results of their work in our hand because this just proves to us that they are as dedicated as we are. Most importantly this means we are able to send out customer order as quickly as we have done before.

Thank God for all of you. We appreciate your business and continued support!

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